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February 4, 2020
World Summit 2020 General Assembly

We Cannot Speak of Peace talking about the self or ones nation

Respected heads of state, dignitaries from home and abroad, ladies and gentlemen: I wish to welcome you all to the World Summit 2020. We have gathered here today desiring true peace. We cannot speak of peace if it is just about an individual or one nation. If the more than two hundred countries in the world were to move forward together in peace, we would not have any problems. But we cannot express in words, the horrors of wars and conflicts that have arisen repeatedly, creating religious, racial and ideological barriers throughout the six thousand biblical years of history. In addition, because of human greed and selfishness, not only humanity but also the environment is suffering.

The reality is that we can no longer be onlookers. The future is no longer visible. What, then, must we do? We cannot become one through human- centered thoughts and ideologies. It  has been seventy years since the founding of the UN, but there has not been a time when they [member countries] were able to unify around the [UN] agenda and bring results. They could not become one because they are placing the interests of their own country first.

Knowing our origin

When we look at these examples, we can see it is crucial that we  properly understand God, the Creator and the origin of the universe. God had a dream. He created heaven and earth in his image, and lastly, he created a man and a woman who would become humanity’s ancestors. He then gave them a special responsibility. God was waiting until they matured, until he could see they had perfected themselves beautifully. But during their growth period, the humans became greedy. They thought, I can also become like God. This is greed. And this is how the world we know today, a world that has no relation to God, came to be.

The Creator is eternal. The beginning and the end are the same. He cannot ignore the principles with which he created. Because of that unexpected mistake by the first human ancestors, God had no choice but to initiate the providence of salvation. The providential requirements were so arduous that it took God four thousand years to choose the people of Israel and to send his only begotten son, Jesus Christ. However, among Mary, who gave birth to Christ, the family of Zachariah, the Jews, the Israelites, none knew who Jesus was. They did not grasp Christ’s essence.

Male and female

When God created the world, he created a man and a woman. Then Jesus, the only begotten son, was born and he had to find the only begotten daughter, so they could be in the position of the human ancestors that God had waited so long for. But the environment did not allow this to happen, and Christ, on the cross, prophesied he would return. He said he would return and that he would hold the marriage supper of the Lamb. 

In Heaven’s providence, a central figure or chosen nation cannot play a role again after failing to fulfill the first responsibility received. This is because they end up owing indemnity. We know through history what kind of indemnity the people of Israel had to suffer under. Heaven then had to find a new people that could give birth to the only begotten daughter, who was not alive in Jesus’ time. This is the Korean people, chosen after two thousand years. In 1943, the only begotten daughter was born into a Christian household. However, Korea was still under Japanese occupation at that time. Korea’s liberation came in 1945. In 1950, the Korean War broke out. Korea had already divided into South Korea and North Korea in line with democracy and communism. South Korea was not ready to defend itself against communist North Korea. How was it possible for the UN, which had been founded that year [1945], to send soldiers from sixteen nations to participate in the Korean War, to shed blood for a good cause?

Essential elements of restoration

For God to follow the principle of creation that he himself established, he had to give the only begotten daughter a growth period as well. Only with that can humans be in the position of having fulfilled their portion of the responsibility. How can we say human effort alone did this? It was a miracle that Heaven accomplished. Therefore, I knew from an early age who God is. God the Creator is humanity’s Heavenly Parent. Humanity has become ignorant, so to show that God is our Heavenly Parent, in 1960, I entered into holy marriage with Sun Myung Moon, the returning Messiah. But those who formed the Christian foundation were not able to create the proper environment. As the True Parents, beginning at the lowest position, the fastest way and greatest blessing that can bring humanity back to the bosom of the Creator, our Heavenly Parent, is the Blessing Ceremony. This is why many blessed families reside in the world’s one hundred and ninety countries.

The formula for global restoration

Furthermore, after True Father’s ascension, I proclaimed Foundation Day, a new era and a new history. In Heaven’s presence, I made a promise. Even now, Heaven is awakening those who do not understand properly and can neither see nor hear that God, the Creator, is humanity’s Heavenly Parent. Therefore, for the past seven years, I have been working hard to realize my pledge to offer at least seven nations [on various] continents; these nations will become countries that attend our Heavenly Parent.

Thus, in 2019, I proclaimed the establishment of Cheon Il Guk. You are all citizens of Cheon Il Guk that God can be with. As we hold World Summit 2020 today, we are newly commencing the eighth year of Cheon Il Guk. For six thousand years, our Heavenly Parent has taken a path of suffering to find his lost sons and daughters. I will keep on marching forward toward Heavenly Parent’s dream of the world’s 7.6 billion people all attending him as our parent.

Become God’s children

I would like to say this: For the past six thousand years, humanity has been like orphans, parentless. Humans have been living in a self-centered way, so they could not see the whole, and thus have been creating many problems. Today’s climate issue is one of these problems. If we leave this as it is, what is going to happen? The Earth would have no future. Even now, if we can become one in attending our Heavenly Parent, ask for his wisdom and enable him to work, we can restore the Earth to the beautiful state from when God created it. Let us ask God, how we can do that — Please guide us and we will do as you say. I wish to encourage this kind of movement.

All nation’s problems are the same. If those in every nation become our Heavenly Parent’s children, no more wars or conflicts will arise. No longer will we have large and small countries. We are learning many lessons from the coronavirus outbreak. Heaven will not bless human beings’ self-centeredness. The only way to receive Heaven’s mercy and love is to become one with True Mother, the only begotten daughter, who will guide you to the Creator, our Heavenly Parent.

Distinguished guests and leaders here today! Now we know who God, the Creator is. We also know what the mission of the messiah is. Now what must we do? What do we need to do? We need to take the path to become true filial sons, filial daughters and patriots in front of our Heavenly Parent!

Please remember that is the only way, and the shortest path to solve all the problems of the world today. That all of you who have gathered at this World Summit will be leading players who realize Heavenly Parent’s dream and humanity’s wish of creating the kingdom of heaven on earth by saving the world through peace is my hope.

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