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FFWPU-UK has four mission statements the organisation strives to achieve as steps to realising our vision:



One family under god


Our Goals

Mission statement

FFWPU-UK has four mission statements the organisation strives to achieve as steps to realising our vision:


We worship God together in our families and communities weekly and in our daily life. 

As an organisation, we strive to build strong communities that worship God together. Throughout the year we host national worship services (including our Annual Gathering Festival) where we gather all together as God-centred families to praise and worship God. We encourage new people to join our services, as we collate and create new songs, in order to completely praise God in our weekly and daily lives.


Inspired by the love of God, we serve those within and beyond our communities.

As a nationwide community, we have a culture of pastoral care. We endeavour to serve our immediate neighbourhood, the wider community, nation and the world. We provide dedicated care through appointed pastors and our chaplaincy program, in order to build up healthy, thriving communities.  We encourage and support both local and national initiatives, as well as work with NGOs in order to effectively serve our wider communities. 


Inspired by the Word of God, we teach the Principle and its applications in word and deed. 

 We strive to provide age-appropriate education on a yearly basis in order to fully cater to all age groups within our communities. We endeavour to raise up educators and young adults as leaders who practice and exemplify a principled lifestyle. We pioneer positive family values through inclusive education and language. HARP and Young Adult Ministry activities run throughout the year on both the national and local level. Marriage education is encouraged through marriage courses provided by our own Blessed Family Department


Through giving the Marriage Blessing, we connect people to the love and lineage of God. 

 Our movement strives to help and encourage couples to become better people through the Marriage Blessing. Blessed couples seek to positively impact the wider society, in addition to playing an integral role in supporting our own communities. We encourage our membership to share the Blessing with relatives and neighbours. Educational events are organised throughout the year in order to support all Blessed couples in married and family life. 

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