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July 1, 1990 Excerpts from the Cheon Seong Gyeong Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Love Is Boundless Giving

What kind of being is God who created the universe and set up the Principle? He is the being who embodies the ideal of living “for the sake of others” more than anyone in the universe. God is such a being. Therefore, in order to meet Him, you must live “for the sake of others.” God is the great king of all knowledge. But, He does not require the knowledge to meet Him. He is the great king of all abilities. But, He does not require the ability to meet Him. God is the great master of all powers, money and materials. But, He requires none of them. As long as you live for “for the sake of others”, you can come to and meet Him.

Giving and giving again for the sake of others puts you in the same position as God giving of Himself at the time of the creation. By putting everything you have into something, you are creating a second self, and it is the same as God investing everything He had at the time of the creation. The history of recreation is the course of restoration through indemnity. Indemnity is offered through the history of recreation, and so only when one invests everything one has, can re-creation take place. (82-239, 1976.1.31) 

Love requires one hundred percent devotion. When God was creating the universe, He invested Himself one hundred percent through His love. That is why true love begins with living for the sake of others. (189-202, 1989.4.6) 

The logic of eternal life operates solely through investing oneself again and again. You will never come to ruin if you live for the sake of others. From giving small things, you will move on to giving bigger things. Then where does this lead? It comes back to you. (204-106, 1990.7.1) 

Love does not satisfy us even after we have given it; instead, when you give you want to give more and you feel ashamed when you are unable to. Those who feel ashamed even after giving are truly the owners of love. In love, the more we give, the more we receive in return. The more we carry that out, the more the power of what is given is exceeded by the power that comes back. In that way, you will never perish; rather, you will prosper. There is no way to be prosperous without love. (38-326, 1971.1.8) 

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