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April 12, 1992 Excerpt from the Cheon Seong Gyeong Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Life is Too Short

Our life is too short. Ten years can pass and we are barely aware of it. Everything will be decided within thirty years after your marriage. In this way, the path of life does not wait for you. It is busy going on its own way. We all have to die some day. Do you think you won’t die? Can you be sure that you won’t die? You have to die. Where do you go after death? Do you know that there is a spirit world? I am staking my entire life on this work because of the spirit world – because I know the spirit world – even as I manage the entire world. Life on this earth is but an instant. It is like the ten months you spend in your mother’s womb. (113-333, 1986.3.21)

The Unification Church is the place where you make preparations to go to the spirit world. For this reason, it is a place to prepare to qualify for the spirit world. So the question is whether you pass the examinations perfectly or whether you pass the examinations imperfectly. There is also the possibility of failing and being disqualified.

In light of this, while you are on earth you should prepare for when you go to the spirit world. Life on earth is like a wanderer’s journey. You have to pass through many courses. As a woman, you were born from your parents; you live with them and you reach a certain age. Even though you may not know the place where you were born, you meet a man and walk together with him, giving birth to a child through love. You labor in life in this way as you would labor to pull a wagon. But there is no knowing when that wagon will break down. At times you will travel steep roads of stone. One mistake and it can break down.

What will you do if it breaks down? You will not be able to go any further. You will have to repair it. If you are not capable of repairing it, you are in deep trouble.

That is why if you don’t have strength or ability, it will take you a year, two years, or even ten years to repair it. If you cannot overcome this, you will perish. Such is the nature of your journey. At times you may stop by somewhere and meet many people. You may stop by all sorts of places. Life is like a journey. In the end, though, this path takes you to the spirit world. (229-209, 1992.4.12)

Life goes by very quickly. By the time you come to have some wisdom and begin to understand the affairs of the world, you are already forty or fifty years old. A decade goes by in the blink of an eye. Ten more years and you become sixty – but only for a moment. After sixty, in no time you’re seventy. Now that I think about it, I can really empathize with the saying: “Life is but a fleeting dream.” (188-38, 1989.2.16)

Our lifetime is but a moment. Our one lifetime goes up and down against the eternal standard. Like a scale, it goes up and down. That’s the way it is. (46-155, 1971.13.3)

Let’s say you live for about eighty years. If you take out the time for sleep, it is reduced by half to forty. Is sleeping living? Sleeping is like being dead. To sleep means death. For this reason, you only spend half of the twenty-four hours of your time struggling to live. Then what if we take out an hour for each meal? You need an hour to eat each of your meals.

Further, if we take out the time spent for friends’ parties, the sixtieth birthday celebration for the next door neighbor, funerals, sick days, and so on, do you think you really live even half your life? Last time I calculated, I found that we only spend seven years really living our lives. Out of these seven years, how many days can be counted as a day that you truly lived? How many days in all? (49-436, 1971.10.24)

Life in this physical world is short. We do not live for a long time. When you know this, you will regret the time you spend sleeping and eating. You will eat as you go on your way. You will sleep on the way, and take your recreation as you go…. How pitiful! But as you do these things, you will be given unprecedented blessings. You should realize that all this will become a historical record. (11-226, 1975.10.23)

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