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October 8, 1993 Excerpts from the Cheon Seong Gyeong Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Heaven Is A Life Of Living For The Sake Of Others

The Kingdom of Heaven is where those who have made sacrifices for others become the masters. The family should sacrifice for the sake of the tribe, the tribe for the people, the people for the nation, the nation for the world, the world for the cosmos, and the cosmos for God. The ultimate purpose is in reaching God and occupying Him. The highest ideal for all living beings is to occupy God’s love. This is their highest goal. Human beings are given this privilege. (249-49, 1993.10.7) 

In the spirit world, people who valued those around them and who served and sacrificed for the whole can go to a higher level. This is the common character of the people of heaven. What kind of people go to the higher realms of the spirit world? They are those who invest everything, invest like God, and invest and forget about what they have invested. Those who brought many people to God’s side for the sake of the salvation of humanity can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Your position and situation in the spirit world is determined by the number of citizens you raised up for the Kingdom of Heaven. (249-80, 1993.10.8) 

If you search for that which is true, you have to make your body live absolutely for the sake of your mind. When these become one, you can stand in a spiritually upright position directly connected to heaven and earth centering on God and you would know everything about the whole situation wherever you go, to the north, south, east, west, high, or low. You would automatically connect to the spirit world. You would know without having to learn. How did I come to know everything about the secrets of heaven and earth? I found out everything after achieving that kind of state. After having reached the state where the mind and body resonated centering on true love, everything became clear. I could experience God fully. I could see the world of heaven. I could see history. I could see everything. 

Why? God’s principles for His original ideal of creation provide the requisite environment that enables us to relate and bond through true love and lead an ideal life. Therefore, on entering that state, I had access to everything. I could call upon my ancestors in the spirit world and they would immediately appear; and I was able to ask them anything. (199-372, 1990.2.21) 

The original homeland only welcomes those people who lived for God, were born for others, and lived and died for others. This is the fundamental nature of the original homeland. Therefore, God raised many religions throughout the course of history to train people to seek for the original homeland. 

Religions teach people to be humble and meek and to sacrifice because those are the principles of the spirit world to which they are destined to go. Religions have had to train people during their earthly life to qualify for the other world. Therefore, the more advanced religions emphasize a higher level of sacrifice and service in order to raise people in line with the heavenly world through their daily lives. (75-320, 1975.1.16) 

Become a person who lives for others. This is the root of the creation and of the formation of the cosmos. Even God exists to live for the sake of others. In this way, the world of peace will unfold before your eyes. Those who wish to enter the Kingdom of Heaven should live miserably, die miserably, and depart miserably. Are these good words or bad words? They are good words. Then, the words, “Go out and die leading people to the church!” are also good words. You should die for the sake of others. If you die, not for your own sake, but for the sake of others, for the world, and for heaven and earth, you will be raised up as the master of the great universe. (49-303, 1971.10.17)

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